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Luna en Aries

Este fin de semana tendremos Luna llena, y transitara por el signo de Aries, algunas personas creen que la Luna influye en el caracter de la gente e incluso en sus destinos, el hecho que la luna transite por este signo le confiere cierto poder, segun los expertos e influencia a los individuos de acuerdo a su signo zodiacal en general los astrologos dicen que la ...

Luna en Aries

Otorga impulsividad, independencia, entusiasmo, y agresividad. Se trata de un buen momento para iniciar cualquier tipo de actividad o para tomar decisiones rápidas. Es favorable para vencer dificultades por mérito propio, a pesar de la inconstancia ariana, ahora aliada a la fluctuación lunar. La Luna con aspectos tensos puede inclinar hacia la agresividad, egoísmo y explosiones temperamentales.

Eso dicen...

Those of you who have Moon in the house of Aries are likely to be spontaneous and excitable. You would also be hostile in your expression of anger. You may be prone to irritation at times. You are very self-reliant. You want to have everything for yourself. You are self-disciplined, and cannot be diciplined by others.

People either like you or hate you because of your impulsive behavior. You like taking charge, and will end up in a position of authority in your career. You are a natural leader. You set the pace and terms for yourself, and will choose your own vocation or career.

The relationship between you and your parents or authorities may be difficult. There would be a lack of both sympathy, and communication there. The Moon in Aries relates you with adventures, independence and military life. You may be attracted to the study of the occult, or mysticism.

Males with Moon in Aries: Males who have Moon in Aries are enthusiasts to some extent. Sometimes irritable and show fits of anger. He insists on his own way, disobedient to superiors, independent and self-reliant. Very spontaneous, optimistic, courageous, practical, of changeable nature, quick tempered, impulsive and fond of travelling.

Females with Moon in Aries: Such women have a strong muscular body. Ambitious, quick tempered, angry minded, easily swayed by flattery and very selfish. Married life is not usually happy. Suffers from mental worry, anxiety, brain disorder in latter part of life. Headaches and impaired eyesight. They are fond of hard work.

Afflicted Moon in Aries : In case Moon in Aries is afflicted, some danger of drowning and trouble through women is likely. Makes one restless, rash and independent. Change of occupation throughout ones lifetime.
Famous Aries Moon women: Lauren Bacall, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen DeGeneres, Grace Jones, Holly Hunter, Jennifer Lopez, Kennedy Onassis, Anne Rice, George Sand, Virginia Woolf.

Famous Aries Moon men: Louis Armstrong, Kevin Bacon, Antonio Banderas, Leonard Bernstein, Marlon Brando, Salvador Dali, Bob Fosse, Galilei Galileo, Jerry Garcia, Bill Gates, Rex Harrison, Immanuel Kant, John Lithgow, Bill Moyers, Mark Twain.

Aries Moon- Positive Traits

Aries Moon - Negative Traits
Inspiring Impatient
Very Vehement

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